This series of posts will cover how you can integrate XJTAG into your overall test system.

This post is a quick reminder that you can use XJTAG as the focal point for your DFT analysis across all your test systems.

The Functional Tests screen in XJDeveloper allows you to mark devices, pins or nets as being tested outside of XJTAG. This means that the coverage shown on the DFT Screen will reflect all the testing being done for the board.

The DFT screen provides detailed analysis of the test coverage for your project and the statistics can be “drilled down” to a particular board, device or net to give you the detail you need to identify where test coverage could be improved. Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical form or exported to be used in other applications. In future versions we plan to improve DFT analysis and reporting.

If you have any suggestions for how we could improve our integration – or have suggestions for improvements to DFT then please feel free to get in touch.