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Extending XJTAG’s Signal Integrity Error Analysis

Continuing from XJTAG 3.12’s Enhanced Signal Integrity Analysis feature (see here and here), XJTAG 3.13 brings more algorithms to help identify potential issues with the JTAG chain. This article describes more of the symptoms it can spot and their likely causes. […]

Variants Part 5 – Export Options

XJDeveloper provides a couple of options for exporting variants in XJPack files or as stand-alone XJDeveloper projects. When exporting a project with variants to an XJPack file, a Variants tab is displayed in the XJPack Dialog. This tab allows you to select any combination of the root project and variants to include in the file. […]

Variants Part 4 – Setting Up the Test List

So, you’ve set up your variants with all the right BOM data and categorised all the devices (perhaps using the Suggest Variations wizard), now you need to actually test them! […]

Standalone Layout Viewer Application in XJTAG 3.13

XJTAG 3.13 allows the Layout Viewer to be run as a standalone application. If the Layout Viewer application is selected in the installer it will be installed alongside the other applications in the XJTAG test suite. […]

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Displaying Images in XJEase Dialogs

XJTAG 3.13 adds the ability to display images inside XJEase dialogs when running tests. To add an image to an XJEase dialog, simply pass the filename of the image on disk into the built-in XJEase function as an input parameter. The path may be absolute or relative to the XJDeveloper project file. […]

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Automatic I²C Detection and Setup

One of the new features in XJTAG 3.13 is an option to speed up the setup of new test device files for I²C devices. […]

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Variants Part 3 – Adding Variations

On the Variants screen in XJDeveloper, the Variant Details panel displays the selected profiles and current variations for the variant selected in the Variants List. […]

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Better Power/ Ground Net Suggestions in XJDeveloper 3.13

XJDeveloper 3.13 includes an improved user interface for categorising power/ ground nets. It is important to identify any power, ground or termination reference nets before attempting to test a board. Failure to do so can result in incorrect test results or even board damage. XJDeveloper attempts to identify these nets to simplify this process. […]

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Variants Part 2 – Creating New Variants

In this blog post we’ll discuss how to create and setup new project variants from the Variants screen in XJDeveloper. […]

Variants Part 1 – Overview

New in 3.13, XJTAG now has support for Variants. This post will attempt to give you an overview of the whole feature and explain how it can be useful in your board setups. As there is a lot of information to cover regarding Variants, we will releasing a 5 part series of blogs, that will become available over the coming weeks. […]

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