Optimised Scans

Optimised scans is a new feature added to XJTAG 4.0 and it provides a number of improvements aimed at increasing test speed. With Optimised Scans enabled, every JTAG TAP will scan data through at a separate frequency based on the capabilities of the JTAG devices in that TAP group. […]

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Extending XJTAG’s Signal Integrity Error Analysis

Continuing from XJTAG 3.12’s Enhanced Signal Integrity Analysis feature (see here and here), XJTAG 3.13 brings more algorithms to help identify potential issues with the JTAG chain. This article describes more of the symptoms it can spot and their likely causes. […]

Variants Part 5 – Export Options

XJDeveloper provides a couple of options for exporting variants in XJPack files or as stand-alone XJDeveloper projects. When exporting a project with variants to an XJPack file, a Variants tab is displayed in the XJPack Dialog. This tab allows you to select any combination of the root project and variants to include in the file. [...]

Better Power/ Ground Net Suggestions in XJDeveloper 3.13

XJDeveloper 3.13 includes an improved user interface for categorising power/ ground nets. It is important to identify any power, ground or termination reference nets before attempting to test a board. Failure to do so can result in incorrect test results or even board damage. XJDeveloper attempts to identify these nets to simplify this process. [...]

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Improve your printed circuit board test, debug and programming processes using XJTAG’s powerful boundary scan test suite. It can speed up your design and development, as well as providing excellent test coverage in production.
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