The DFT Analysis screen in XJTAG version 2.4 has been completely redesigned to allow you to assess the test coverage of your circuit design more easily and in a more efficient way. This post highlights the most important new features.

  • There is a new improved circuit elements list which shows the element’s name along with all the calculated test coverage in adjacent sortable columns, that can be shown or hidden, so you can easily explore the results of the DFT analysis.
  • The DFT Analysis screen features new improved charts with a modern and professional look; figures, percentages and graphical representation of the DFT analysis data are now displayed in a concise form, so with one glance you can see an overview of the test coverage of your circuit, or of individual circuit elements or groups of elements.
  • There are improved filtering options to enable you to narrow down the display to the data of interest and focus on untested sections of your circuit.

The above features are displayed on “dockable” panels allowing you to set up your own preferred configuration of the DFT Analysis screen for maximum efficiency.