A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.1 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main features


XJInvestigator is a new application aimed at diagnosing faults in a production environment. It works alongside XJRunner – using the same proven user management features. XJInvestigator runs tests like XJRunner, as well as providing XJAnalyser and other diagnostic tools within the same application.

Existing users who have licences for both XJAnalyser and XJRunner can now use the new XJInvestigator application at no extra cost.

XJRunner Improvements

The focus for version 3.1 was to improve XJTAG in production environments. To that end we focussed on fixing and improving XJRunner in response to feedback from users.

Fault Dictionary

One of the key new features is the addition of a fault dictionary. Combinations of test results can be marked as indicating a particular failure or action to take. These are printed in the XJRunner output after the tests have finished so boards can be processed more efficiently on the production line. The fault dictionary can be altered over time to reflect improved knowledge of the production process.

Chain Debugger Signal Integrity

A new signal integrity test has been added to the JTAG chain debugger. If Check Chain, Connection Test or functional tests usually pass but sometimes show unexplained errors then running the signal integrity test can be used to help ascertain if there is a problem with the JTAG chain.

XJEase Editor Improvements

The XJEase editors in XJDeveloper are now more intelligent. Users are able to quickly goto functions defined in a file, and even goto its definition from where it is used in XJEase code. Auto-complete will now fill-in function names as well.

Support for referenced termination resistors

XJTAG now supports terminating nets to a reference voltage – adding a new termination resistor type and also the concept of a reference voltage net. Amongst other things, this allows better representation of the circuitry around DDR RAM devices and improves test coverage.

Netlist Explorer Available in XJAnalyser and XJInvestigator

The netlist explorer is now available from within XJInvestigator, and from within XJDeveloper projects opened in XJAnalyser. This tool shows detailed properties of pins, nets and components and can be very useful in determining possible faults.

Other changes

As always, a large number of other bug-fixes, feature requests and minor enhancements have been included in this release. If you find bugs, have problems or think of feature requests please do let us know by contacting XJTAG support.