A frequent question from customers is, “Why is my new XJEase test function not listed when I create an XJRunner test?”

XJEase Functions

For a function to be eligible to be made available to XJRunner it must be in the main project (.xje) file or a device file, or in a code file specified either in the main project (in the Circuit Code Files Screen) or from within a test device file (in the Test Device Files Screen).

Not all functions can be used by XJRunner. In order for an XJEase function to be available it must take no input variables and must return a single integer to indicate pass (value 0) or fail (value 1 or any non-zero value).

i.e. it must be in the format:

FunctionName () (INT result)


There is always one preset item in the available tests – this is the global function CONNTEST. This runs the automatic connection test.