The new XJLink2 USB-to-JTAG interface is beginning to make its way out to our distributors and depending on where you are is, or shortly will be, available for trial and purchase.

The XJLink is the interface between your board and the XJTAG software, and this second-generation version has many improvements over the original XJLink – many of which will be covered in detail in future blog entries. The original XJLink is not being deprecated – it is still in production and ships with our standard development systems, whilst the XJLink2 is an addition to our product portfolio, and ships when you buy one of our systems with “XTR” at the end of the name.

In addition to the original XJLink’s features, the XJLink2 supports:

  • 4 JTAG TAP connections can be made from the XJLink2 to your board
  • Run Tests button – with XJRunner or XJDeveloper open, hit the button on the XJLink2 to start tests.
  • Status LEDs – to indicate tests running/passed/failed
  • Programmable I/O – pins on the XJLink2 which are not part of the JTAG signals to the board can be controlled during XJEase testing as well as during Test Reset sequences
  • Two voltage banks – variable between 1.1 V and 3.3 V.
  • Built-in Voltmeter capability on all I/O pins, accessible during XJEase tests
  • Frequency measurement capability on all I/O pins
  • Higher TCK frequencies – up to 166 MHz if your board supports it
  • Adjustable termination on JTAG TAP signal

We will be issuing a full press release for the XJTAG XTR systems in the near future; in the meantime your distributor or local sales rep should be able to give pricing information or get any other information you need.