The new XJlink2 has a button and some LEDs, which aren’t found on most JTAG interface devices. These are simply there to make life a little simpler on a crowded workbench. Once you have a project open in XJRunner you can start testing by just pressing the button – this can be quicker than finding your mouse which has at some point almost certainly moved off the on-screen Run button.
You get visual indication on the XJLink2 if the test has passed or failed with the red and green lights.

Test jig integration

Some of our customers built the original XJLink into custom test rigs. The XJLink2 goes further in supporting this kind of customisation: the button signal and the LED signals can be replicated on the 20-way connector. In the Pinmap settings for your project just enable the advanced option and you are able to assign these signals to spare I/O pins. You are then able to wire this up however you like. For example, you may put a button on the front panel of a test jig and use that to start the tests. In addition, the LED signals can be replicated to the front panel of the test jig or to an alarm if required. If you have an externally controllable PSU you may connect the Yellow ( running ) light so that only when a test has started will the PSU be turned on. Once the test is stopped the PSU will automatically be turned off.