A new major version of XJTAG – version 2.6 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main features

Device library/auto-categorisation

XJTAG 2.6 brings an update to the way devices are categorised in XJDeveloper. XJDeveloper can now use its installed library of devices to make suggestions for how to categorise devices. This uses information from the BOM and other information to make the suggestions. The user can then accept some or all of the suggestions.

Updates to the device library will be made available and automatically detected through XJDeveloper so long as the software remains in maintenance. It requires your customer support login to the XJTAG website – if you do not have one or have lost it please contact XJTAG Support. Likewise if you feel we are lacking support for particular devices in the library, please let us know.

New XJRunner Integration API

XJTAG version 2.6 has a new integration interface using .NET, and reworked LabVIEW VIs, which make it easier to integrate XJTAG into other test solutions or into your own programs. These new interfaces also make it possible to use formatted XJEase text output and to access the Layout Viewer.

XJDeveloper enhancements

In particular the Netlist Explorer has been enhanced. The window is now non-modal, which is to say that it can now be left open whilst other operations are performed, and other enhancements have been made to improve usability.

Chain Debugger

The output formatting has been improved and a debug option has been added to allow you to view the raw data returned from the JTAG chain.