From version 2.6.2 onwards XJEase supports the printing of device, pin and net links which launch and get highlighted in Layout Viewer from XJRunner and XJDeveloper (provided there is an ODB++ netlist available for the board). In XJDeveloper the links also have the ability to open in the Netlist Explorer.

Example XJEase code:

STRING pin := "XJDemo.IC5.2";
PRINT_DEVICE_LINK("This is a link to XJDemo.IC5\n", "XJDemo.IC5");
[0]'s "); PRINT_NET_LINK("net\n", GET_NET_FROM_PIN(DATA[0])); PRINT("IC5.2's "); PRINT_PIN_LINK("pin\n", pin);

This is a link to XJDemo.IC5
DATA[0]’s net
IC5.2’s pin

There are many variations to the functions shown above, and full documentation and examples can be found in the XJEase help file. The SRAM memory tests in the latest release of the XJEase Library also make full use of the links.