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Dominic was chief technology officer at XJTAG.

TCK Termination

We all pay close attention to the termination of high speed signals, especially clock signals. However in many of the designs I see this doesn’t seem to have happened for the JTAG clock signal TCK. But TCK is a clock signal just like any other clock signal. […]

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Voltage Measurements with XJLink2

One of the exciting new features of XJLink2 is the ability to measure a number of voltages. Via the 20-way XJlink2 connector you can measure up to 18 different voltages. This means supply rail voltages can be measured before (and during) JTAG testing, and analogue measurements are now simple to make during your tests. [...]

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Pull Resistors

Many of us have been designing electronics for years and haven’t really considered pull up and down resistor values. We just use the same old values like 10K. With some new silicon the leakage currents are higher than we have been used too. This means the pull resistors might not being doing the task we [...]

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