XJTAG Support Website

This post explores the wealth of information available on the XJTAG Support Webpage. Knowledge Base Answers to common questions we receive about XJTAG. Before contacting support it is a good idea to check here first to see if your question is answered. There will be future posts exploring some of these questions in more detail. [...]

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Functional Tests

This post highlights the “Functional Tests” screen in XJDeveloper. The “Functional Tests” screen is in the “Design For Test” section in XJDeveloper. It is used to indicate to XJTAG that part of a board has been tested in some way outside of XJTAG. Doing this will make the DFT test coverage figures more accurate, and [...]

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Improve your printed circuit board test, debug and programming processes using XJTAG’s powerful boundary scan test suite. It can speed up your design and development, as well as providing excellent test coverage in production.
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