This post explores the wealth of information available on the XJTAG Support Webpage.

Knowledge Base

Answers to common questions we receive about XJTAG. Before contacting support it is a good idea to check here first to see if your question is answered. There will be future posts exploring some of these questions in more detail.

XJEase Example Code

Some types of device such as memory devices can be tested using standard test scripts. This section contains test code for a wide variety of memory and other devices.

XJEase Library

If you cannot find the device you are looking for in the Example Code folder, the XJEase Library might contain it. This has a search facility to help you find the test script for the part. It is quite likely that XJTAG have already produced a file for that device – or at the very least a similar device. Search here first and if you cannot find it then contact support.


Allows you to download the latest version of XJTAG.


Excellent overview of the background to JTAG testing, along with details about its implementation.

DFT Guidelines

When designing boards refer to this document to help improve the testability of circuits using XJTAG.

Application Notes

Further areas of technical knowledge that are worth reading before contacting support.