Help us to help you!

If you need to let us know about a problem that you are having with XJTAG there are a few things that you can do help speed up the support process.

There are a few stock responses that we have to give repeatedly to many support requests. If you are reading this then you may well have received them in the past yourself. The first thing that we will generally ask you to do is upgrade to the latest version of the tools; these can be downloaded from XJTAG Downloads. You will need your maintenance user name and password to gain access to this section of the website. If you are not sure of these details then email and we will be glad to send you a reminder email.

If you are using the latest version of the tools then we will need as much information as you can provide to help us to resolve your problem. This includes:

  • The version of the tools you are using
  • The version of the operating system (e.g. Windows XP Service Pack 3)
  • A detailed description of the problem or issue you are facing
  • Is it reproducible? If so, what steps are needed to reproduce it?

In many cases it helps us to diagnose your problems faster if we have your XJTAG project as well as your description of the problem you are having. The best way to send us all of the files is to use the Export option from the File menu in XJDeveloper. From this menu you can tell the system to create a .ZIP archive of all of the files that make up your project.  By using XJDeveloper to pull all of these files together you make sure that no files are missed.

If we have all the information early on in the support process along with your project, we are much more likely to be able to resolve the issue quickly.

If the tool you are using is crashing then it will create a crash report and then give you the opportunity to send that to us. Please do send this report to us as it contains a lot of useful information. We may still need to ask you for more information; however if you go through these steps before contacting us then we should be able to help you resolve your issue faster.