XJlink2 comes with a detailed self test program. Accessed via the “Test…” button in XJLinkManager this enables you to run a diagnostic report on your XJlink2.

When you first test a new circuit board that doesn’t work this diagnostics test can give you confidence that your XJlink2 hardware is working correctly. The test takes a few minutes to run but tests all of the internal features of the XJlink2 in detail. The test includes checks on:

  • all of the connector signal driver transistors
  • all of the signal input buffers
  • the connector power supplies
  • the internal signal communication buses
  • the internal clock sources
  • and the integrity of the internal program.
  • the push-button
  • and the LEDs.

You can optionally use a loop-back connector ( pin1 to pin11, pin2 to pin 12 etc) to provide enhanced testing of the connector itself.

If you think you might have damaged your XJlink2 then just run the self test. If a test fails please copy the entire report along with your serial number to support@xjtag.com so that we can help you.

The diagnostics feature is an excellent way to confirm that the XJLink2 is working correctly.