The latest version of XJTAG, version 2.4, is now available to customers who are in maintenance.

New features

Version 2.4 includes support for Logic devices in the circuit. It extends the automatic Connection Test capabilities to test these devices when they are reachable from JTAG, and also extends the capability of XJEase so that it can drive pins on your Test Devices correctly even if that means setting up and driving logic blocks in order to do so.

We have also replaced the DFT screen with a new version, with clearer graphs and the ability to generate reports.

Output from test code in XJRunner and XJDeveloper is now much richer, and allows output in different colours and fonts, and now allows you to pop up a dialog box with text or request input from users.

We have also fixed lots of bugs and usability issues – thank you to those who reported them. Please continue to let us know when you find issues or if you have any ideas for improving any of the products.

XJTAG 2.4 does not run under Windows 2000.

Some of the changes and improvements we’ve made have meant that it is not possible to run version 2.4 on Windows 2000, and so version 2.3 is the last version of XJTAG you can run on Windows 2000. Since Microsoft no longer supports this operating system we strongly recommend any users to consider upgrading the PC.