From version 2.4 XJDeveloper and XJRunner support logic devices. A library of definitions for common logic devices is shipped with XJDeveloper. This post details this feature.

The library consists of definitions for the common devices in the 7400 series of logic that XJTAG can support (devices with no state). It also contains definitions for some other devices that we have seen used on customers’ boards. When a device is categorised in XJDeveloper the definitions in the library are always available to use.

If you find a definition that is not in the library, and you feel it should be, contact XJTAG Support and we may include it in a future release. Improving and updating the library is a continuous process with any changes included in the next release of the software.

The library has been designed to make using any updated definitions as simple as possible. When a project is opened XJDeveloper checks to see whether there are newer definitions of the logic used in the project and if there are it prompts to see if you want to use the updated definitions.