The latest version of XJTAG, version 2.5, is now available to customers who are in maintenance.

Main features

Layout Viewer

New in version 2.5 is our Layout Viewer tool. Instead of providing a simple text netlist, you can use an ODB++ job exported from a CAD tool; this contains both netlist and layout information.  If you’re using an ODB++ job, then wherever XJDeveloper has the option to use its Netlist Explorer you can now also choose to view the layout graphically. You can also superimpose that layout view on a photo of the relevant side of the board if you wish to.

XJRunner users are not left out – when you pack a project which has layout information in it, you can choose to include an embedded version of the Layout Viewer, so that the user running tests can click on Connection Test errors and be shown the exact locations of faults.

Categorising Devices

XJTAG no longer requires all JTAG-accessible devices to be categorised before you can start running tests. This change in behaviour means you can dive much quicker into board bring-up. Don’t forget to finish the board setup properly later though – as obviously until you do you don’t get full test coverage.

Test Summary

XJRunner now includes a brief summary of the test results at the end of testing in an easy-to-read table. It’s a small feature but we’re getting lots of positive comments about it!

Usability Enhancements

We’re constantly listening to our customers about their experiences using XJTAG. Based on this feedback we fixed a long list of requested usability issues and minor enhancements. As always, we welcome your feedback on using XJTAG. Please feel free to contact us to let us know where you feel we could improve the tools.