A new major version of XJTAG – version 2.7 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main features

Network Licensing

XJTAG now supports network licensing, allowing licences to be shared across an organisation. Contact your distributor if you would like more details of the pricing scheme for floating development system licences.

XJDeveloper enhancements

New integrated Schematic Viewer

Rather than switching between XJTAG and an external PDF viewer, you can now specify PDF file(s) for each board in XJDeveloper. This means that when you do need to check something on the schematic XJTAG will attempt to take you straight to the right place in the file. Using this alongside the existing Layout Viewer, XJTAG can display all the information you need when debugging your board. As with Layout Viewer, the Schematic Viewer can be used from XJRunner as well.

New automatic JTAG Chain identifier

Setting up a JTAG chain is now much simpler – provide XJDeveloper with the netlist and BSDL files and let XJTAG work it out.

Improved code editors

Following user feedback we have given the code editor windows in XJDeveloper some attention in this release. More details of these changes will follow in another blog entry.

XJEase API calls to .NET assemblies

Code written in XJEase is now able to access functionality from .NET assemblies, allowing it to control or retrieve data from other devices or other programs.

Other enhancements

As always, a large number of other bug-fixes, feature requests and minor enhancements have been included in this release. If you find bugs, have problems or think of feature requests please do let us know by contacting XJTAG support.