From version 2.7 onwards XJTAG includes an integrated Schematic Viewer in XJDeveloper and XJRunner. If you have your boards’ schematics in PDF format you can take advantage of this new feature.

The Schematic Viewer gives you the ability to view your board’s schematic without the need to open and continually switch between a 3rd party application. You can also navigate directly to a netlist element on the schematic straight from XJDeveloper and XJRunner.

To assign schematic PDF file(s) to your board, create or edit a board in XJDeveloper and click the “Add Schematic…” button. Click “Add” to add PDF files to the window and click OK to assign them to your board.

Now you will be able to view circuit elements in the viewer. This feature is available throughout XJDeveloper. For example you can right-click on a device and choose “Show in Schematic”. The Schematic Viewer will be opened and the device will be highlighted.

The Schematic Viewer has a Netlist Search feature which searches your PDF files for any devices, pins or nets that appear in the netlist of your board. The netlist search analyses the searchable text in your PDF and determines where references to netlist elements are in your schematic. If the Netlist search result is incorrect you can teach it the correct result; simply navigate the search results by using the right and left arrows and click the prefer button (indicated by a tick).

To conduct a netlist search right click a netlist element in XJDeveloper/XJRunner and click “Show in Schematic”, or use the search bar on the Schematic Viewer toolbar to select an item on the netlist.