Version 2.6 introduced a new XJRunner integration API using the .NET framework along with reworked examples and LabVIEW VIs which make it easier to integrate XJTAG into other test solutions or custom applications. The new interface also makes it possible to use formatted XJEase text output and to access the Layout Viewer.

New .NET Assembly

The new XJRunnerIntegration .NET Assembly makes it easier to start running tests in a custom application. A variety of methods, properties and events are exposed to make testing outside of the XJTAG applications easier. All these methods, properties and events are documented in the XJTAG Help files.

Here’s a quick example of how easy it is to run the default test list as set up in your XJDeveloper project (written in C#).

using (var xjlink = XJLink.GetXJLink())
   using (var project = new Project(packFile))
   using (var runner = project.GetRunner(xjlink))
      var tests = project.GetTestList();

For more in depth C# examples please see the XJRunner Integration .NET Examples folder in the XJTAG shared folder.