In XJTAG 2.6 we released a new .NET based XJRunner Integration API, replacing the old COM based API that was previously available. Version 2.6 and 2.7 continue to support the COM API, but do not install it by default. We recommend that any new development be done against the new .NET API.

Why did we replace the XJRunner Integration in 2.6?

The COM based integration control was designed around integrating with Visual Basic applications in particular. It could only run XJEase functions asynchronously and required a Windows message pump to be running for notifications to be received by the calling application. Integration into other environments such as LabVIEW was difficult. Also, the Visual Basic model of central ActiveX registration in the registry caused issues in some circumstances.

How long will the COM based integration be supported?

We will continue to support the COM based integration control through to the end of the 2.7 series of XJTAG releases. The next version after this will not include the control.

However, the 2.7 version of the control will obviously continue to work beyond that point. If in a future release we make changes to the format of any of the project files that render 2.7 unable to open the project, we intend to release additional 2.7 releases to allow such projects to be opened by the XJRunner Integration control. We will continue to make such releases where possible for as long as customers are using the older technology.