A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.0 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main features

XJAnalyser Integration with XJDeveloper

XJAnalyser has been rewritten for version 3.0, and is now integrated as a screen in XJDeveloper, as well as still being installed as a standalone application. Users with the appropriate licence will be able to use the full XJAnalyser functionality without leaving XJDeveloper.

XJAnalyser using common project format

XJAnalyser can now load XJTAG projects (*.xjd) and also XJRunner (*.xjp) pack files.
This also means that XJAnalyser can take into account knowledge which previously has only been available in XJDeveloper. For example, the initial JTAG bitstream now takes account of logic devices, Disable values on Test devices, and constant pins which were set up in XJDeveloper.

Chain Debugger Integration with XJDeveloper

The Pin mapping screen in XJDeveloper now also adds functionality from the standalone Chain Debugger application, meaning that XJDeveloper is now able to perform all aspects of setting up and debugging the JTAG chain, as well as developing and running tests.

Performance enhancements

XJEase performance is improved – running general code should be measurably better, though the gains will depend on the functionality and the CPU(s) in your PC, and timing should also be more consistent between test runs.
XJAnalyser performance (measured in JTAG scan cycles per second) is also significantly improved.

Other changes

As always, a large number of other bug-fixes, feature requests and minor enhancements have been included in this release. If you find bugs, have problems or think of feature requests please do let us know by contacting XJTAG support.