XJTAG 3.13 brings with it an updated Debug Connection Test screen in XJDeveloper and XJInvestigator. The screen is primarily used to find problems with the setup which cause the Connection Test to exit with a broken chain error.

It works by setting all the nets that it can to a particular “start” value and then one-by-one changing them to an “end” value. If one net causes a problem, for example disabling a power supply or resetting a JTAG device and causing the chain to break, the net-by-net approach that this screen takes allows the problem to be identified.

The re-worked screen allows up to 6 permutations of this to be run consecutively with just one click of the ‘Run’ button. As well as making it easier to run all the checks you need to, the text output on the screen is better indented and formatted to make it clearer what has been checked, and to make it a more deliberate and clear action if some part of this is selected not to be performed.

Error handling during the operation of the Debug Connection Test screen has also been improved, making the text output more useful and less prone to being dominated by one particular problem on a PCB.