Since Windows Vista, Microsoft has offered 64 bit versions of Windows for 64 bit hardware and today almost every new machine will come with a 64 bit version of Windows. 64 bit Windows is still able to run 32 bit applications and up until now XJTAG has only been available as a 32 bit application. With the release of XJTAG 3.5, we are now offering a 64 bit version alongside the 32 bit version.

Even though most machines will have several GB of RAM, a 32 bit process running on a 64 bit OS is only able to use up to 3 GB of that RAM. A 64 bit process, on the other hand, is able to use as much RAM as the machine has.

The 64 bit version will be most useful to customers with projects where the ODB++ file or schematics for the project are very large or for customers who want to use either the XJRunner Integration API or XJAPI in a 64 bit environment.

The 64 bit version of XJTAG has all the same capabilities as the 32 bit one, although there may be some cases where it is marginally slower. The 32 and 64 bit versions cannot be installed side by side – only one or the other (for a given version of XJTAG) can be installed.