From XJTAG version 3.5, users are now able to view all the test data from the automated Connection Test by clicking on a link at the end of the Connection Test results within XJDeveloper, XJRunner, or formatted log files in the XJTAG Log File Viewer. The full output viewer shows the test data for one run of Connection Test at a time, and there is a dropdown box to change between the available test modes.

To enable the viewer you need to go to the Connection Test tab of the Settings on the XJRunner Setup screen. There is an option here which determines whether the link to launch the viewer is always shown, only shown if errors are found in the Connection Test, or never shown. The default is never to show this data (if the data does not have to be saved Connection Test will be slightly quicker!) but if you are having problems with your board or just want to verify that a net is being included in the Connection Test then you can use the option to see for yourself the testing being carried out.

Within the full output viewer, it is possible to customise the data being shown. Columns can be frozen to the left-hand side so that they are always visible (even when scrolling horizontally), or they can be removed from the view entirely.

Filters can be applied to the data, and this allows users to quickly hide nets or tests that are not of interest to them. For example, a filter can be applied that hides all nets that were not reading in a particular group of tests, or that only shows tests in which a particular net was driving.

The data of the currently shown test mode can also be exported to a .csv file, with options to export all the data or only the data relating to the currently visible nets.