A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.6 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

Improvements to XJRunner testlist setup

When categorising devices in an XJTAG project there is now the option (enabled by default) to automatically add the ‘test’ function for each device to the XJRunner test list. This uses new tags in the latest XJEase device file library to decide on a sensible test group to put the device in, and then select the correct function to test the device.

Alternatively the XJRunner Setup screen has a “Suggest Tests…” button which performs the same task.

Simplified running of SVF and STAPL/JAM files in XJTAG projects

There are now new global functions (similar to Connection Test and CheckChain) which make it much easier to specify and run programming files (SVF or STAPL) using the XJRunner test list control rather than having to write some specific XJEase to do the job.

Arrays in XJEase

We have had some requests for XJEase to have array types rather than treating large integers as arrays, and we have implemented this in v3.6. You can now have arrays of any of the built-in data types. See the Help files for more details of syntax and how to use them.

XJEase debugger enhancements

When debugging XJEase code from within XJDeveloper it is now possible to see the function call stack and see variable values at each level (frame) of the call stack. In addition, there is now a breakpoints window which allows you to view all of the currently set breakpoints.