From XJDeveloper 3.6 a new BOM data type is available in the BOM Import dialog, the “Unfitted” device field. Any devices with an entry in a column assigned to this are suggested under the “Suggested Unfitted Devices” category on the Categorise Devices screen.
In addition any devices present in the netlist but missing from the BOM are now also suggested in the “Suggested Unfitted Devices” category. To help identify which devices have been suggested through which method the category now displays any information from the Unfitted column, in addition to the other BOM information and pin count.

The recent 3.6.1 release introduced two more data types, the device “Footprint” and  device “Part Number” fields. Any data present in the “Footprint” column is used to select the correct logic device footprint in the Suggested Categorisation dialog. Any entries assigned to the “Part Number” column are used in conjunction with the BOM Value and Description fields when searching the XJEase Library for suggestions.

With the extra BOM information available the Categorise Devices screen also received an enhancement: the information displayed in the Unfitted devices selector now depends on the BOM information available, and the columns displayed are selectable from the new “Columns” drop-down menu. Also the imported BOM information for a device can be viewed in Explorer, which lists the fields and their values as before or displays the information in a collapsible table if three or more fields imported.