A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.10 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

Board Revisions feature

Launched from the file menu, the Board Revisions feature provides an assisted way to deal with applying board design updates to an XJTAG project. It assists the user in re-categorising devices in the situation that reference designators are renumbered between netlists as well as dealing with additions and removals from the netlist. During the revision process, netlist, layout and schematic viewer can be viewed from both the original project and the revised one, and the system shows you the progress made as you step through the necessary tasks to update the project. At the end of the process the user is left with two projects, one for the original version and one for the revised netlist.

XJEase Global variable default value overrides

It is now possible to set the default value of global variables on a per-device basis, in order to give better ways to use a single XJEase file to test multiple devices, and yet customise the test as required for each device.

Major updates to XJTAG Help system

The Help file browser used by XJTAG has been replaced. The new help system has much-improved search capabilities, and the ability to have multiple tabs open in a single window.

Background XJEase compilation

Compilation of the project now begins in the background when the project is opened/saved. In most real-world situations this results in a much faster startup time when the ‘Run’ button is clicked.