A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.11 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

User-defined XJEase libraries

The library of XJEase device files provided by XJTAG is no longer the only source of device models that XJDeveloper can use. A new XJEase Library Editor is installed as part of XJTAG so that you can create and maintain your own XJEase libraries for any devices that your company has created models for, making re-use of device files between projects even easier. The library can track different versions of the file and suggest upgrading the file in older projects as appropriate.

Serial Wire Debug

The SWD protocol can now be supported using two pins of an XJlink2-based JTAG controller. Multiplexing SWD and JTAG functionality on the same pins is supported. This feature is useful for devices with ARM Cortex cores.

BOM import from Excel spreadsheets

Importing a BOM for your board now has support for Excel (*.xlsx) spreadsheets rather than requiring that you output your BOM as a CSV file or similar. Multi-tab files are supported.

Configurable oscillator

Sometimes a simple oscillator is useful when testing. An oscillator signal can now be obtained from a spare pin on any XJLink2-based controller, adjustable between 10 kHz and 166 MHz.

Other improvements

As usual a large number of bugs have been fixed and improvements made.

Notably, the Log File viewer has been enhanced to provide better filtering options and the ability to handle data from a large number of files.

The ability to switch JTAG chain profile (select which devices are currently in the JTAG chain) has also been made easier in a number of places in the user interface.