A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.13 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

Better Product Variant Handling

XJTAG 3.13 deals more easily with build or product variations – projects which share a PCB design but vary the components which are fitted. Rather than needing a project for each variant of a product, this scenario can be handled using one project containing multiple different sets of variations, via the new Variants screen in XJDeveloper. Other applications now handle switching between variants where necessary and if the XJDeveloper user chooses to expose this.

Power/Ground Nets Categorisation Improvements

In XJDeveloper, the Power/Ground Nets screen has changed. As well as looking cleaner, it now combines multiple indicators of whether a net should be categorised as Power or Ground to give clearer information to the user about which nets appear to be power/ground and why the system thinks this.

Automatic I2C Device Setup

XJDeveloper now automatically detects when you are categorising an I2C device. If the device is not in our library of supported devices then much of the device setup can now be done automatically, including insertion of a basic test that ensures the device acknowledges its address as expected.

Pictures in Dialog windows

If you are using dialog boxes in XJTAG – either at the start of testing or during XJEase tests, you can now include images in those boxes. For example you could include a photo of where a connector should be fitted or of the correct state of DIP switches on the board. Supported image types include JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF, including animated GIFs.

Other features

A large number of smaller features and other improvements are part of XJTAG 3.13, including being able to open a standalone version of the Layout Viewer, prompt to open/save files from within XJEase, better signal integrity analysis, improvements to output localisation, 1149.1-2013 support, and a re-worked Debug Connection Test screen. Look out for blog entries on these subjects in the near future.