With the new XJEase Library we have made some fairly extensive changes to reduce code duplication, to improve test coverage, and ease of use.  If you have used additional code files from the XJEase library to create your own test scripts you may find that updating to the new versions of these files causes errors in your project.  Below are the common errors you might see and how to fix them.


Test device files using SPI.xje as an additional code file that are not from the library (or using a modified the top level library file, which will not be updated) will likely see these errors:

MySPIDevice.xje: SPI.xje(300): Unknown identifier 'SPI_CPOL'.
MySPIDevice.xje: SPI.xje(307): Unknown identifier 'SPI_CPOL'.
MySPIDevice.xje: SPI.xje(307): Unknown identifier 'SPI_CPHA'.


The updated version of SPI.xje now requires two variables, SPI_CPOL and SPI_CPHA, to be defined in the top level device file that specify how the SPI interface should operate (the settings for the variables is explained in detail at the top of the new SPI.xje file).  To clear these errors open the SPI.xje, copy the definition of these variables into the top level device file, and set them appropriately.


Memory tests

Test device files using any of the memory testing scripts as an additional code files that are not from the library or have had the top level library file modified so it does not get updated will likely see these errors:

AMD Flash 48-Pin TSOP 4Mb x8.xje: memtestFlash.xje(199): DataPatternTestCount must be declared before use.
AMD Flash 48-Pin TSOP 4Mb x8.xje: memtestFlash.xje(673): DataPatternExtendedTestCount must be declared before use.


The updated versions of memtest for each of the different memory types now all use Math.xje for common functions like generating data patterns.  To clear the error Math.xje needs to be added as an additional code file to the top level file that is using the memtest script.  This is done by opening the top level file on the Test Device Files screen then selecting the Additional Code File tab under the Busses section.  From there, choose Add then Browse Library.  Math.xje is in the Utility folder.



The next error will only happen if you manually update the 24xxxx.xje to use one of the new format ‘I2C EEPROM’ files.  The 24xxxx.xje will not automatically update because the old file has been replaced with many footprint specific files to give you a better match straight from the library.

Not all configuration values have been set for device IC7.


One of the other changes in the new file is that now the I2C address for each EEPROM is set as a configuration value rather than being hard coded in the device file, hence the error above will appear as the new configuration value needs setting.  On the Categorise Devices screen simply double click on the device associated with the I2C EEPROM file to open the Configure dialog then the I2C address can be set.