XJFlash, XJTAG’s ultra-fast flash programmer, now supports programming flash devices connected to the Zynq-7000’s Processing System (PS), including support for programming QSPI configuration devices.  Flash devices connected directly to the Zynq-7000’s Programmable Logic (PL) are also supported.

Utilising a combination of the Zynq-7000’s PS and PL, XJFlash is able to achieve erase and programming performance that exceeds those using U-Boot or Linux, whilst providing the convenience of just requiring a connection to the JTAG port of the Zynq.  This makes XJFlash ideal for use in both a development and production environment, no matter how much data needs to be programmed.

XJFlash provides an alternative to using the program_flash (formerly zynq_flash) command from Xilinx, and avoids the need to use an SD Card or Ethernet link to transfer the data, as can be required when using U-Boot or Linux.

Additionally, by utilising XJFlash’s built-in feature to only erase flash blocks that aren’t already erased, an additional performance gain can be achieved depending on the initial state of the flash.

XJFlash can be used with any Zynq where there is access to the entire JTAG chain for the device.

More information about XJFlash, including the wide range of FPGAs supported, can be found here.  To try XJFlash as part of a trial on your own circuit board, please contact us.