A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.7 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

Improved BOM matching

One of the things with the greatest impact on the time it takes to set up a project is getting the data about devices in the circuit. The BOM is an extremely useful source of this data, and so this version of XJTAG improves the way this data is made available to the user during project setup, making more BOM fields usable and allowing customisation of device suggestions to use these newly accessible fields.

This version of XJTAG also supports multiple sources of BOM data (netlist, schematic, BOM files) more intelligently.

Another improvement using BOM data in XJTAG 3.7 is an improvement to when devices are suggested to be Unfitted, which again increases the accuracy of your project setup and decreases the amount of time taken to perform the setup.

Test summary report

XJTAG 3.7 offers a new report (via the DFT analysis screen). In addition to summarising test coverage, it shows the tests to be run on your design and explains briefly what each test covers. To work with this new feature an update to the XJEase library has also been released which contains these descriptions for our library tests.