It has come to our attention that the April 2018 feature update to Windows 10 causes XJTAG software to crash.
This entry details the problem and what to do about it.

Affected users

All XJTAG products from v3.4 onwards are affected to some extent by this Windows 10 update, with v3.6 and v3.7 generally crashing when opening a project.

Users of XJTAG v3.3 and earlier are unaffected by this problem.

Running XJTAG products on older versions of Windows (or an older version of Windows 10) will not have this problem.

The fix

It is unclear whether Microsoft will make further changes which will rectify the problem, so we have decided to issue updates to our software and to make these available to all customers.

The new versions are v3.7.2, v3.6.4, v3.5.5 and v3.4.11. These are available now.

If you are running XJTAG on Windows 10 then you should either upgrade to one of these releases (or later), or else do not apply the April 2018 update to Windows 10.

How do I get this fix?

If your XJTAG product is currently in maintenance, log in to our website and you will be able to download the latest versions of software from our download archive.

If you are not currently in maintenance you may need to sign up for a support account. When we activate your account this will give you access to our download archive, and you will be able to download, install and run the latest update of the current release at the time your maintenance contract expired.

An example: if your maintenance period expired in 2016 during our v3.4 release cycle and you are currently running v3.4.0 or later, we will allow you to download and run v3.4.11 at no charge, but if you install v3.5 or later versions you will find that they will not run unless you re-enter a maintenance contract.