A new major version of XJTAG – version 3.8 – is now available from our website for users who are in maintenance.

Main Features

Waveform Viewer in XJEase tests

When running tests in XJDeveloper, it is now possible to capture the pin values driven and read by XJEase, and to display this data in XJTAG’s Waveform Viewer. This allows the user to see what is being observed by the test system and helps in diagnosing test failures. It also helps anyone who is writing XJEase code because they can see exactly what their code does and the effects of any changes they make. Users can also use the waveform view to compare XJEase test behaviour with waveform diagrams in datasheets etc.

Updated Layout Viewer

The Layout viewer in XJTAG has been re-written to be faster to load, smoother in pan/zoom operation, and more intuitive to use. As a side effect of the changes, the size of XJPack files containing layout viewer information (it is optional whether to include layout data in .xjp files) has decreased significantly. XJTAG remains able to open the old, larger XJPack files.

Test Coverage Analysis

Test coverage analysis in XJDeveloper has had significant changes under the hood. Test coverage is now tracked back to its source better which means that XJDeveloper can now be used more easily to show the effects of enabling/disabling a particular test or set of tests on the achieved test coverage, and to show the test coverage of the current project configuration vs the maximum achievable coverage. It also now takes much better account of the JTAG chain profiles used for each test in a project.

For more information see our short video about the version 3.8 release…