Test Modes in XJRunner – part 1

If you have multiple XJLinks plugged into your machine, the main testing screen of XJRunner enables you to test multiple boards simultaneously. From XJTAG version 2.3 we have increased the flexibility of this by introducing two different test modes. This post highlights Group mode.  Independent mode will be covered in a future post. [...]

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Pack Files

This post covers XJPack files – the XJTAG mechanism for deploying your tests to production. XJDeveloper is used to write your tests and can run your tests whilst you are creating them. In a future version it will also integrate the debugging functionality of the command line tool XJDebug to allow you to debug your [...]

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Improve your printed circuit board test, debug and programming processes using XJTAG’s powerful boundary scan test suite. It can speed up your design and development, as well as providing excellent test coverage in production.
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