When helping our customers to understand errors that Connection Test has discovered, we sometimes realise that XJTAG has the information the customer needs, if we were only to display a little more output.
In several cases we have had customers with hard-to-understand errors on nets which are terminated (DIFF_TERM) to another net, and in various scenarios it would be helpful to know what is happening to that other net – the other half of the differential pair – during the error condition.

So in version 3.1 we have added more output. The Connection Test error detail now displays additional column(s) to the right of the main data, which shows what any terminated nets are doing at each point in the connection test, in a very similar style to the way it displays the values of logic blocks when they may be involved in errors.

Because version 3.1 also adds the new referenced-termination BIAS_TERM resistor type, we have also made some small tweaks around our analysis of termination resistor errors and the error message produced, which should help to pinpoint the exact fault on the board.