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New XJTAG contact details

XJTAG has moved office. Our office move is complete and all our details are now updated on the XJTAG website, but just to make sure everyone has picked up our new contact details, here they are. […]

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XJLink2 Diagnostics

XJlink2 comes with a detailed self test program. Accessed via the “Test…” button in XJLinkManager this enables you to run a diagnostic report on your XJlink2. […]

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XJTAG Support

Help us to help you! If you need to let us know about a problem that you are having with XJTAG there are a few things that you can do help speed up the support process. There are a few stock responses that we have to give repeatedly to many support requests. If you are [...]

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XJTAG Support Website

This post explores the wealth of information available on the XJTAG Support Webpage. Knowledge Base Answers to common questions we receive about XJTAG. Before contacting support it is a good idea to check here first to see if your question is answered. There will be future posts exploring some of these questions in more detail. […]

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New Application Note available

There is a new application note available on the XJTAG support website entitled, "Working with configured Xilinx and Altera devices".

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Have an idea for XJTAG?

Suggest topics you'd like to see covered by future posts, for example: if you would like a post to be extended to give more detail about boundary scan and electronics testing in general a specific feature of XJTAG software and how to make the most of it topics of general electronics interest proposed new features [...]

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