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Netlist Explorer

This post details the Netlist Explorer in XJDeveloper, a very useful tool in XJDeveloper for finding out how things are connected in the netlist. It also shows relevant properties for each item. Launching the explorer Currently the Netlist Explorer is a modal dialog which means you have to close it before you can use the rest of XJDeveloper. We hope to remove this restriction in a future release. You can launch the Netlist Explorer from most screens in Developer. All relevant toolbars have an “Explore” button, and right-clicking on items in controls will display a drop-down menu with an “Explore” button as well. […]

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Functional Tests

This post highlights the “Functional Tests” screen in XJDeveloper. The “Functional Tests” screen is in the “Design For Test” section in XJDeveloper. It is used to indicate to XJTAG that part of a board has been tested in some way outside of XJTAG. Doing this will make the DFT test coverage figures more accurate, and means you can use XJTAG as the focal point for all your DFT analysis across all your test systems. […]

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Debugging Connection Test – part 1

Note: This post was published in 2009 and was therefore accurate in XJTAG version 2.2. An updated version of this post is available here and should be used with XJTAG version 3.x. […]

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