Issues when generating ODB++ netlists using Altium Designer 17.0

We have noticed that the Altium Designer 17.0 ODB++ exporter has a bug which causes it to output all component references in lower case. This causes problems for anyone who has already set up an XJTAG project from an earlier version of Altium who then updates the netlist by regenerating the ODB++ in Altium Designer 17.0, because the component references in the XJTAG project will not match up with the netlist. It will also cause problems for anyone starting a project from Altium Designer 17.0 with BGA devices in the design… and anyone else who starts an XJTAG project using ODB++ generated in Altium 17.0 and then in the future regenerates the ODB++ from later versions of Altium Designer. Altium have informed us that the bug in their ODB++ exporter is due to be fixed in release 17.1 of Altium Designer. […]